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Every individual or legal person, every creator or entrepreneur has an idea, a creation, or an identity, which needs to be both patented, protected, and exclusively exploited, preventing third parties from irregular copying, reproduction or exploitation.

For this reason, at Ratio Legal Services we work extensively to secure the rights of your Intellectual Property, Commercial Secrets, Commercial Identity, Intellectual Creation, and the intangible or tangible product of your labour, both in natural and digital form.

We provide you with integrated consulting services, through the securing and the management of the rights, in order to achieve the best results and create the legally substantiated strategy of their management.



  • 01

    Trademark registration in Greece, Cyprus, the E.U and the U.S.A

  • 02

    Transfer of domain name rights

  • 03

    Intellectual Property copyright, management and transfer

  • 05

    Interpretation, preparation and conclusion of contracts for the management of intangible - digital and tangible products

  • 06

    Application for patents and innovative industrial - technological designs and products patenting

  • 07

    Copyright protection and defence

  • 08

    Strategy development for the protection of intellectual property rights

  • 09

    NDAs-Confidentiality and Trade Secret Agreements

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