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In case of Debt Collection enforcement, both the debtor and the creditor must have the best legal protection and support for the smoothest and safest outcome of the process. By providing the right legal advice and our negotiation services, we ensure that any dispute can have a positive and more cost-effective outcome for the opposing parties.

However, if a non-litigation option is not possible, we support the interests of our clients at every stage of the process, through our experience and specialisation, always with the required respect to the people involved.



  • 01

    Complete management of commercial debt collection cases (Negotiation with a debtor, issuance of an enforceable title, enforcement of foreclosures, conducting auctions)

  • 02

    Legal support for commercial debtors at the stage of debt negotiating

  • 03

    Exercising all kinds of objections and requests for suspensions against payment orders and in general debt collection enforcement actions

  • 04

    Request for correction and revaluation

  • 05

    Legal support of debtor, candidate bidder and successful bidder during the pre- and post-auction stages

  • 06

    Legal support before and after the enforcement of special administration and receivership

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