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The establishment, the administration, the financial and tax management, the conclusion of commercial contracts, as well as the conclusion of internal and external contracts, constitute a wide range of legal frameworks, which are governed by Commercial Law.
In matters of intra-corporate nature, such as in the management of legal entities or capital and multi-shareholding corporations and companies, as well as in extra-corporate matters governing the relationship between two or more partners and companies, Ratio Legal Services provides comprehensive legal support, representation, judicial or out-of-court settlement of any legal disputes of its clients, but also the specialised guidance in every aspect of their business activity.



  • 01

    Corporate Incorporation in Greece, Cyprus, the E.U and the U.S.A

  • 02

    Board Member Services

  • 03

    Legal Type Transformation

  • 04

    Legal Consulting

  • 05

    Financial claims and disputes settling

  • 06

    Legal support in the establishment, management and maintenance of corporate records

  • 07

    Interpretation, preparation and conclusion of employment contracts, as well as cooperation and trade agreements in general

  • 08

    Bankruptcy and pre-bankruptcy proceedings

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