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The new perspective on the specialised and integrated field of Legal Services.

Ratio Legal ServicesModern vision and complete perception, at your service!

Ratio Legal Services welcomes you to a new era of legal services, ensuring bespoke legal support, responsiveness and an integrated experience of innovative and effective legal solutions, tailored to the challenges and requirements of today.
Our goal is to provide our clients and partners with legal services based on the specific characteristics and needs of each case.

Our services

Comprehensive range of legal services related to real estate.
Effective representation before the Courts and the Judicial Services.
Legal support regarding loans, debt relief and other transactions with Banking Institutions.
Versatile legal support for corporate and commercial issues.
Legal protection of Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Patents and Industrial Designs in Greece and abroad.
Provision of compliance and Data Protection Officer services.
Legal support to start-ups and innovative companies, from idea to unicorn.
Provision of specialised legal services in cases of Debt Collection and Auctions.

Ratio Legal ServicesOUR VISION

Ratio Legal Services team’s vision is to provide holistic legal support to individuals, companies and organisations in Greece.

Our mission is to execute with Honesty and Focus on the customer’s needs

Each of our collaborations has its own unique characteristics, which is why we focus on the needs of our clients, via the special circumstances of their own personal or professional matter.

Guided by the assurance of the personal and professional interests of our clients, we design the strategy of bespoke legal support, and respond with speed, professional adaptability, honesty and integrity, in achieving our clients’ goals, by resolving and preventing legal challenges.

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Ratio Legal Services - Enflow
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Legal Services Strategy

Our strategy aims to formulate the most efficient approach, for the benefit of our customer and we achieve this by:
- preventing litigation through counselling.
- providing effective resolutions via litigation, where required.
- maintaining close cooperation with our clients at every stage of our engagement, understanding completely the operations and structure of their enterprise or business.
Thus, we utilise our high scientific training and specialisation, our passion and disposition for success, continuous scientific research, study and training in the most modern matters of the Legal Art and Science, we analyse, guide and respond to every legal issue, while preventing challenges and shaping developments, both to minimise any risk and to design the most cost-efficient approach for the benefit of our customer.

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