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Real estate is a field in which most people will be involved during their lifetime due to buying, selling, renting or leasing, investing, inheriting or contractual consideration (land-for-apartment “antiparochi” exchange system). Each section of the above transactions includes a set of legal acts, actions and transaction, which determine their course and evolution.
At Ratio Legal Services, through the study of each unique case, based on the wishes and interests of our clients, we prevent the possibilities of creating legal issues or disputes, which could lead to litigation or any delay to the completion of the real estate transaction.



  • 01

    Legal support throughout the property purchase process, either by contract or by auction and bidding

  • 02

    Legal inspection of property

  • 03

    Property suitability in collaboration with experienced engineers and financial consultants

  • 04

    Legal advice on exploitation opportunities

  • 05

    Legal support in disputes between co-owners (Distribution of communal property - Disputes from floor ownership)

  • 06

    Legal support in rent disputes

  • 07

    Legal support related to cadastral cases

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