Ratio Legal ServicesWebsite terms of use

  1. Service Provider’s information (hereinafter referred to as the “Provider”)
    1. The Ratio Legal Services
  2. General Terms of Service provision
    1. This website provides services both natural and legal persons.
    2. These terms may be modified without prior notice.
    3. In any case, the modified terms will not apply retroactively.
    4. The modified terms shall be communicated to users.
  3. Notifications
    1. Any notification regarding the Service Provision of the current terms shall be made via email to the email address declared by you.
  4. Purpose of the Website
    1. The website operates only for informative reasons about the Ratio Legal Services Team and its services and also provides constant updates on the legal timeline.
  5. Limitation of liability
    1. The opinions hosted on the website are exclusive informative and do not constitute legal services or solutions and shall not be construed as legal advice at all.
      1. For personalized legal services and solutions, please contact the Ratio Legal Services Team directly.
    2. The Service Provider does not endorse or accept opinions expressed on the website’s blog or on posts and comments made on social media pages of the Service Provider.
    3. If you wish to exercise your rights in relation to posts in website’s blog or social media accounts managed by the Service Provider, please contact us by email or directly message the accounts.
  6. Proprietary content of the Service Provider
    1. The content of this website (including texts, graphics, images, photographs and software) is the intellectual property of the Service Provider.
    2. It is prohibited, in whole or in part, to republish and generally reproduce and retransmit the contents of the website, storage, retransmission in electronic or mechanical or any other form, in the original or in a translation or other adaptation and modification of its form, content and appearance, without the written permission of the Service Provider.
    3. The display of the material on the Website should not in any way be construed as a transfer or grant of a license or right to use or exploit it.
  7. Proprietary content of third parties
    1. Trademarks, insignia and designs of third parties owned by third parties remain their property and may not be used without the permission of their owners.
  8. Data Protection
    1. Data protection policy
      1. As reflected on this website.
    2. By filling in personal data on this website, you declare that you have the authority by this person, to provide them to the Service Provider.
  9. Jurisdiction
    1. For any dispute arising from the current terms, the Courts of Thessaloniki are exclusive competent.
  10. Applicable law
    1. Applicable law will be the Greek Law.